The Nobility

Aurora Briar-Rose:
Great Kisser, Loves The Outdoors, Good, Hopeless Romantic, Heavy Sleeper

Lara Cochran:
Mooch, Computer Whiz, Great Kisser, Brave, Evil

Darren Cole:
Daredevil, Artistic, Evil, Genius, Rebellious

Milly Cooper:
Bookworm, Good Sense Of Humor, Natural Cook, Lucky, Hopeless Romantic

Trent Fowler:
Childish, Flirty, Vehicle Enthusiast, Athletic, Natural Cook

Virgo Lee:
Charismatic, Genius, Excitable, Party Animal, Virtuoso

Aaron Miller:
Family-Oriented, Good Sense Of Humor, Party Animal, Friendly, Hopeless Romantic

Jermny Ptolemy:
Ambitious, Flirty, Good, Great Kisser, Grumpy

Ashanti Regalia:
Loner, Rebellious, Daredevil, Eccentric, Lucky

Current Size of Nobility: 9

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